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Web Developer/Programmer

Based in Toronto, Ontario, and operating as Paul Appleby Inc., I provide web consulting, strategy and programming, on a contract, freelance, part time, or full time basis.

My Clients

My clients include large and mid-size corporations, municipal governments, associations and small businesses.

In addition, I provide design and media companies with my web development and programming skills for their client projects.

I design and program custom web applications clients request, or that I recommend. The purpose of these web applications is to enhance the web site visitor's experience, or to make the client's management of the web site much easier.

When possible, I discuss with clients their non-web business model and business practices before translating their requests into a web model, and where appropriate I suggest ways to improve their business model or processes.

Have You Been Abandonned?

Sometimes web developers move on. Even if your previous developer left scant notes and instructions on how they built and coded your web site, I can help. I'll put the pieces together and continue devlopment and maintenance of your site.

Have You Been Hacked?

Your web site has been hacked. And it's not the first time. I'll check the folders and files on your web server for uninvited, malicious code, and clean up the mess. Then I'll find the holes that let the rats in, secure your web forms, and take other steps to stop future intrusions.

The Best Development Team

When appropriate, I engage other web designers, creating the right team to provide the best solution for a project.

The Best Solutions

As you view the work displayed on these web pages, you will see that I develop clean, front-end and back-end interactive solutions.

In additon, you'll see easy to use administrative web applications for managing web sites.

Together, our goal is to make the experience of those visiting your web site as intuitive, informative and enjoyable as possible.

Tool Kit

PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, Wordpress, Drupal, HTML5, CSS, tenacity, and a love for elegant solutions.

While You're Here ...

Test this site's search feature, powered by mySpider, a site-specific search engine that I created and programmed in Perl. You can read more about it by clicking here.

Contact Me

Contact me now to work on your web site project, on a contract, freelance, part time, or full time basis..
t. 416 530-0070

And remember, you'll be working directly with me, Paul Appleby, the person who writes the code.