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The Annette Baseball Association is a not-for-profit volunteer organization that provides age-appropriate baseball programs for both boys and girls.

Isabel Neves of InTheQ, who designed and built the web site, engaged me to update and improve the front-end registration page, and to build a web based administration area.

The web applications of the administration area allow the Administrator to do six things.

The first is to view, edit and delete player records. This web application has a view only mode and an edit mode. The view only mode helps ensure no accidental edits are made.

Coaches of the various leagues can also login, but can only view the player records of their particular league, and only certain data fields.

With a second web application, the Administrator can email individualized tax receipts to the players' parents. To avoid accidently sending the receipts at the wrong time, the link for this application is only displayed in the months of October, November and December.

With a third web application, before or after the end of a season, the Administrator can add the email address information of individual players, or of all the players, to an old email addresses database table. The application does not add duplicate email addresses.

With a fourth web application, the Administrator can view the old email address data, and delete or edit any specific record. The application includes a search box for finding records by email address, or by first name or last or both.

With a fifth web application, before the start of a new season, the Administrator can email notices of the opening of registration for the new season, to all recipients in the old email addresses database table.

The Administration area is private. But you can contact me for an online demonstration.

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