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Arraymusic’s Array Space is an affordable and well-equipped warehouse space that artists rent to rehearse, and to present workshops and concerts. Sandra Bell, General Manager, and Rick Sacks, Technical Director, asked me to create an online rental system for their registered renters, and an events calendar on the Home page.

Arraymusic uses two Google calendars, one in the renters only area that indicates which date-time slots are booked by public and private rentals. And a second Google calendar for all visitors to the website to view the public events and their details.

Arraymusic had been using a custom built calendar that required manually entering every event. Rather than create a new dynamically populated custom events calendar, Rick wanted to use the Arraymusic Google Events calendar on the Home page, so that visitors could subscribe to the calendar.

The problem was that where the previous custom calendar could display images of the event, the Google calendar doesn't allow that. So I found the "Simple Calendar" plugin that imports the data from the Google calendar events and their details, and does allow displaying images.

However, the plugin doesn't allow toggling between the grid view and the list view, and only allows month by month clicks to move ahead or back through the calendar.

I hacked the plugin and created a new PHP script, so that now visitors can click to jump to any month, and even to the following year. Visitors can also now toggle between the grid and list views to switch from the month they were viewing in the grid view to that month's list view, and vice-versa.

If the renter selects to make a new or an edited rental open to the public, then the code that creates the rental record, also creates and submits the event details to Arraymusic's Google Events calendar.

If the renter or the Admin cancels a rental after the initial grace period, the text "CANCELLED" is prefixed to the event title.

The code that sends the event details to the Google Events calendar when the rental record is created, also adds the "... more details >>>" link in the popup bubble in the grid view, and to the event's brief details in the list view.

Clicking on the "more details" link takes the visitor to the dynamically created web page of the event that displays more graphics and text, and embedded video and audio.

Click here to view and use Arraymusic's Home page Event Calendar.

Contact me to view how rentals and events are added to their respective Google calendars.

Click here to see the details of the Arraymusic Renters area.

Click here to see the details of the Arraymusic Admin area.

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