Much has been said and written about globalization and the role of global companies, but what do average citizens around the world think?

As part of its 2nd annual Global Issues Monitor survey, Environics International and its research partners interviewed 25,000 citizens across 25 countries on six continents, representing 67 percent of the world's population. This research was conducted in late 2001.

Special Report: Global Public Opinion on Globalization, a 30-page report, is available now for US$5,000. It provides detailed country-by-country results of key aspects of the globalization debate. Click to order the report.

Click on the following topics for more details of what is included in this comprehensive report:
  Opinions on the Globalization Agenda
  Detailed Economic Expectations of Globalization
  Detailed Non-Economic Expectations of Globalization
  Shaping Corporate Behavior

For highlights of principal findings, please see our Press Release, or download our Executive Briefing.

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