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As descibed on their web site, Equality Rights Central is a place to find cases, commentary, trends, news and facta about equality and discrimination issues, in law and policy.

The site is for advocates, academics and practitioners involved in equality rights, to monitor and advance the development of equality law in Canada.

I programmed the front end, as well as the Administration area, for Ursula Gallagher of Litmus Design.

The main challenge was to dynamically enable visitors to view case analyses of selected topics and subtopics, and their related resources, while giving the administrator control over content of the analyses and the left tree menu.

Visitors can view events, for all provinces or for a selected province, by using the calendar and clicking on a date, or by using the calendar-specific search tool.

Click here to view the web applications in the Administration area.

Call me to arrange a web conference. Then click here to see the admin features in action.

Click here to view the site on my dev server. The production site has been removed.

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