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Green Card Immigration U.S.A. is a web based filing service that offers employees and their American sponsors an easy, efficient way to file for Permanent Residence (the Green Card) in the United States.

Using the web site, clients can access all the information they need. This means more convenience, and less telephone inquiries, for both the clients and the company's staff.

I programmed and designed the web site, as well as the Administration area's web applications.

For every application the Sponsor-Employers submit online, on behalf of their various employee-beneficiaries, they can use the web site to: The Beneficiary-employees, who are the recipients of the Green Card, can also do all of the above, except in regards to payments.

The web site also features:

Click here to view the web applications in the Administration area.

Click here to test the payment process and client login areas.
But first, contact me for access to the PayPal Sandbox.

Click here to view the live site.

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