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Below are just a few of the numerous Javascripts I have coded to enable custom functionality and interactivity on various web sites.

Objects in Animation

I created a Javascript class called "Bubble", and then instantiated three "Bubble" objects to work with the Home page animation for KMX. The three bubbles of different sizes and shapes, at different intervals, appear to flow out of the banner Flash movie, and then land on the text below.

A Calculator

I created MyCalculator as an HTML web page that is run entirely by Javascript. It features a paper tape that displays all your entries, and has an editing box for redoing calculations. This makes it easy to spot any entry errors and recalculate quickly without having to re-enter all your numbers. You download and place the HTML file anywhere on your hard drive, and then double click to open it in a web browser. It will work with any browser on any platform. MyCalculator is perfectly safe as it's not a binary file, and uses no images or external links.

All Javascript One Page Web Site

I built the "Environics Global Public Opinion on Globalization" site as a one page download. The whole site, even most of the "printable pages", except the popups, is a one page download utilizing Javascript to navigate between "pages".

Form Validation (client-side)

Javascript verifies, on the client-side, text boxes (particularly dates), radio buttons, check boxes and select options when the user submits a form. If there are errors, the names of all incorrectly entered required fields are listed in a new window, the size of which is determined by the number of fields with errors. When the error message window is closed, the first bad field in the form is selected.

Another client-side Javscript validation script returns one error at a time and highlights the error's input element, when the user tries to submit the form.

A third type of Javascript client-side validation script returns any error and highlights the error's input element, immediately after the user leaves every input box, radio button or select dropdown box.

And then there is the scenario where there are so many form elements on a single web page, that it's inconvenient to scroll down to the submit button after each form field is corrected. An example would be a test with 70 questions with multiple choice radio button answers. Here a Javascript popup confirmation appears, stating how many questions have been unanswered, and asks the user if they want to answer the first one. If they decline the Javascript automatically takes them to the next unanswered question, but leaves the unanswered question with a yellow background. If they accept, then after selecting an answer a new Javascript popup confirmation appears that will take them to the next unanswered question.

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