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Web Applications > LaRisata Ristorante Administration Area

Isabel Neves of InTheQ design asked me to program the back-end of the LaRisata Ristorante web site. The goal was to enable the owner to now do on his own what a marketing company had been previously doing for him on a monthly billable basis. My new solutions saved the owner money, and give him direct control.

Customers of the restaurant can sign up on a web form, or in person using a paper form, to receive a gift certificate that can be redeemed anytime during the month of their birthday.

There are five admin web applications.

One allows the owner to view, edit and delete customer records. The application contains a search tool for finding records by email address, or by first or last name or both.

A second is for manually adding new records from the paper forms patrons filled out in the restaurant.

With a third web application, the owner can select a month, and then create personalized letters and certificates for those customers with birthdays in the selected month. The application emails the letters and certificates to those customers with email addresses. For customers who did not submit their email address, the application displays the letters and certificates on a single web page for printing hard copies to be mailed by regular post.

This third web application also creates a list of the names of those who were sent letters, to be used by the restaurant management to monitor the redemption of the certificates.

With a fourth web application, the owner can create, and email to himself, a CSV file containing the first and last names and email addresses of cutomers. This CSV file can then be imported into an email list/newsletter application.

A fifth web application was developed for importing the owner's Excel customer list, converted to a CSV file, into the MySQL customer database table. The difference between the number, names and formatting of the fields in the CSV file and those of the database table, made importing the 2,000 plus records challenging. See Web Applications - CSV to MySQL for a complete explanation of this web application.

The Administration area is private. But you can contact me for an online demonstration.

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