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I have been frustrated countless times trying to find my error when adding and re-adding, or doing other arithmetic operations on long lists of numbers.

My hand-held calculator and the one that came with my PC don't have a paper tape to check my entries.

And though you can buy a calculator application with a virtual paper tape, and my Mac OS X comes with one, those programs are still frustrating to use.

So I developed a FREE, non-scientific, simple Javascript calculator that is easy to use. It features a virtual paper tape to keep track of all your entries and has an editing box for redoing calculations.

You can now spot your errors and recalculate quickly without having to re-enter all your numbers.

MyCalculator is a simple Javascript web application. It is an HTML file, not a binary file, and uses no images or external links. It is perfectly safe. It will work with any browser on any platform. And it's free.

If you use the link below to download the HTML file, place the file anywhere on your hard drive, and double click to open it in a web browser.

Of course, you must have Javascript enabled in your browser.

Give it a try and please send me your feedback.

Here's the link to open MyCalculator or to download it..

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