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Rosemary Frei is a freelance medical writer and editor, specializing in sales aids, slide kits, clinical monographs and summary proceedings for her clients, in the areas of cardiology, oncology, neurology, respirology, and gastroenterology.

I redesigned and reprogrammed her old web site, adding several front-end features and one administrative web application.

With the web application, Rosemary can add items, and edit the title, date and location of items in the Home page news scroller. She can also delete items. The web application accesses and stores the text in a CSV file, so that a database is not required.

In the front-end, in the "Case Studies" page, the visitor first selects a client name, then a category to view the details of the work done for the client selected.

In the "Portfolio" page, the visitor can click on the number of a particular portfolio piece, or click the "next" or "back" buttons, to scroll horizontally through all the samples. the number of the current sample is displayed.

Click here to view the live site.

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