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Web Applications > Green Card Immigration U.S.A. Administration Area

Green Card Immigration U.S.A. is a web based filing service that offers employees and their American sponsors an easy, efficient way to file for Permanent Residence (the Green Card) in the United States.

There are three levels of permissions for Administrators.
  1. Read records and their fields, but edit no fields; read client documents.
  2. Read and delete records and their fields, but edit only those fields in yellow; read, upload and delete client documents.
  3. Read and delete records and edit all their fields; read, upload and delete client documents.
There can therefore be many customer service reps with read-only permission, some Administrators with limited editing permission, and even fewer with full editing permission. This gives greater security to the system and record data.

Of the three admin web applications, the first allows the Administrator to view a brief summary of all records, and to delete or view/edit selected records.

This web application also allows the Administrator to search for a particular record by number, or by one or more of 5 criteria.

With the second web application, the Administrator can view and edit a record's details; can view and upload relevant documents; and can search for another record by number.

With the third web application the Administrator can purge all unpaid records older than 24 hours, although this task is automatically performed nightly.

By altering a single, easy to use PHP file, the Administrator can add or edit an Immigration Tip, and stipulate which page it appears on.

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The Administration area is private. But you can contact me for an online demonstration.

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