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Retrouve manufactures an exclusive collection of prestigious unisex skincare products. Their retail website allows only registered buyers from retail outlets to place orders.

The original developer left without implementing most of the features the client requested. The producers of the site, Siddhu Sudarshan and Diana Ayanna asked me to implement those features and some new ones. This required customizing the WooCommerce plugin the site was using to present the products, their descriptions, and prices.

The original developer created one website for U.S. buyers paying in dollars, an another website for European buyers paying in Euros, because out of the box WooCommerce only allows a single currency for the site. But the client wanted one site for all buyers. I hacked and customized WooCommerce so that the Admin can select each buyer's currency, and can the Admin set the dollar price and the Euro price for each product. Displayed under each product is the price in the appropriate currency and symbol depending on which buyer is logged-in.

I also added custom fields for the Admin to enter each product's SKU, its minimum order, and its incremental order amount. Besides buyers having their own specific discount rate for all products, the Admin can also enter for each buyer in a custom field a list of product SKUs and their corresponding discount rate for that buyer.

When a product is ordered by clicking the "Add to Order" button under it, the algorithm to set its price uses the lower of the products special price, the buyer's discount price, and the buyer's discount price for that specific product, if there is one. And the Cart page automatically sets the product's minimum as the number ordered.

At the client's request I added a new main nav item "Products" with drop down sub items to link to each of the product pages.

Although the WooCommerce plugin can create invoices you can customize, the client wanted a specially designed invoice that would be mailed to the buyer and the Admin as a PDF, and implement a custom invoice number format. So I created a script that creates an HTML invoice with the WooCommerce stored order data, implements the custom invoice number, and then emails the invoice after using a third party library to convert the HTML to a PDF file. The invoice also displays a comma in the subtotal and total amounts if the buyer's set currency is dollars, and a space if Euros.

This is a private site. But contact me to view the functionality of the buyer and Admin areas.

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